You may have heard of barre workout or barre fitness. One of the newest dance-fitness classes is continuing to grow in popularity as classes pop up all over the place.

But is barre workout something anyone can do? Well, I am here to share with you everything you need to know about this super trendy fitness session.

When the dark nights come creeping in, it is a great time to start giving some different fitness classes a go. It’s easy during this time of year to lose your motivation for your normal workouts. Fitness classes offer a dry and warm workout option with a great social factor.

You can always stick to the tried and tested favorites, like Zumba and spin classes. But with new and exciting sessions coming around each year, there are lots of opportunities to try something new.

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As a fitness instructor and a ballet teacher, barre workout is like the ultimate fitness class for me. Someone finally combined two of my favorite passions and now it’s available for everyone to try.

So what is barre workout and what can it do for you? Don’t worry, I will reveal all.

What Is Barre Workout?

Barre workout is a fitness class based around the principles of ballet, with some yoga and Pilates thrown in for good measure. It aims to offer a full body workout, leaving you with the physique of a prima ballerina.

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What Are the Benefits of Barre Workout?

Centered around ballet ideals, barre classes look to improve your posture, strength, and flexibility. They will aid weight loss, give you better coordination and define your muscles.

Who Can Do Barre Workout?

These sessions are great for anyone. OK, so they are more for the ladies, but there are no restrictions when it comes to age or ability.

Although the class offers a full body workout, they are fairly low impact. Plus, a good instructor will offer alternatives for different ability levels. This makes the class a good option for pregnant women and seniors also.

What to Expect from a Barre Workout Session

Usually, classes start with a warm-up, which includes some upper body work—often, hand weights are also used. Then you will move onto a ballet barre where you will use your own body weight and do lots of lower body work. Finally, you will cool down with some stretching, working on your flexibility.

You will get a full body workout which will engage your core muscles at all times.

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How Many Calories Will Barre Workout Burn?

This is a low impact class with small movements. But don’t think you’re not burning anything. Each barre workout burns 400–500 calories.

The best part is, barre looks to improve your strength and muscle tone. So the more you do it, the more muscle you have. And the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn!

What to Wear for a Barre Workout Class?

Don’t worry, despite the name, you don’t need to invest in ballet tights to join a session. Bare feet are the way to go, with something simple and supportive. Normal gym leggings and tank top will be fine.

So if this sounds like it’s right up your street, why not give it a go. You can find classes at local gyms and dance studios.



Johnny Gallagher

Johnny Gallagher is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

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