So, you’re looking to lose weight effectively, right? I know what it’s like to want to feel confident in your own skin, and healthier within yourself. It can be tough to get started, and it’s daunting when you envisage the long road ahead of you to achieving your ideal weight.

Although exercise is a key factor in losing weight, a lot of the time, it’s all about that first push to wanting to succeed. Then, from there, it’s about keeping up the motivation to persevere.

This is where weight loss shakes come in, as they can kick-start the removal of those first pounds. This way, you’ll start seeing results, fast, improving your motivation to succeed tenfold!

Here, I’m going to play off the two leading brands for liquid weight loss programs, so you can make a decision as to which one’s for you.

Isagenix vs Shakeology: let’s dive right in…

What’s the Story Behind Meal Replacement Shakes?

Weight loss programs might seem scary at first, but they’re not all that bad once you realize how it all works. I know—you’re imagining a completely liquid diet to flush out your system, a dodgy tummy, and then a food binge to get you right back where you’re started.

Well, you’re sort of along the right lines there, but trust me, it’s not as cold-turkey as you might think. These weight loss programs aim to keep your body fuelled and revived, so you can cut those cravings, while boosting your metabolism to get your weight loss started. But how do they do this?

Well, the aim is to replace a few meals each day with shakes or the like, ending the day with a large meal, between 400 and 600 calories. There will be some tougher days, as you’re encouraged to completely “cleanse” on a couple of days each week.

On these days, they provide you with protein-filled snacks to fuel you through, and you can eat the odd piece of fruit here and there.

This system is basically intermittent fasting—a cycle of eating and fasting to help you lose weight quicker. Why? Well, studies have actually shown that, by keeping your body on its toes like this, it’ll remain more alert, and your metabolism will kick back into motion. Cool, right?

So, now you’re probably wanting to hear about the two leading brands in weight loss programs like this. I won’t keep you waiting any longer—let’s compare Isagenix vs Shakeology to see which one is best.

What is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a supplement company that sells a number of products for both weight loss, and gym gains. There are two programs, one being an energy and performance program, and the other a weight loss management solution program.

Let’s take a look at who’s behind all this.

The company is run by Jim and Kathy Coover, who have combined both their knowledge and experience in sales and marketing, to create a business people will love. But what about the products—do they have any knowledge of safe supplement products?

They’ve backed up their products through science, with the help of some of the leading universities out there. With their researched blends of ingredients, they aim to provide effective solutions for your healthy living goals.

So, what’s the scoop with their weight loss program?

Well, it’s a 30-day challenge, which aims to kick-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. They simply send you a box of goodies to get you through the 30 days, in pre-packaged portions, to help you control your diet.

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s break it down further.

Isagenix vs Shakeology (Paleo) 7

What Products Are Used in the Isagenix Weight Loss Program?

  • IsaLean shakes.
  • Nourish for Life juice drinks.
  • Ionix Supreme juice drink.
  • Thermo GX Food supplement capsules.
  • IsaMove Food supplement capsules.
  • Flavored “snacks”.
  • IsaLean bars.
  • Whey thins.

Isagenix claims that these products have a multitude of abilities, including increasing your metabolism, providing vitamins and minerals to keep you energized, and snacks to swerve the cravings.


  • A lot of all natural ingredients in many of their products.
  • If followed correctly, it does aid weight loss.
  • Convenient.
  • Flushes out toxins in your body.


  • All the studies on whether it works were funded by Isagenix themselves—can they be trusted?
  • Almost all of the products they provide are processed, and high in sugar.
  • Expensive.
  • Unrealistic if you want a long-term weight loss solution.

Isa 1

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a little different to Isagenix—instead of using the products as meal replacements, their branding is to curb those cravings. So, when you fancy a tasty treat, fix yourself a Shakeology shake, and watch the cravings vanish.

Hidden sugar within supermarket food is one of the biggest causes of diabetes and obesity in America. No wonder there’s an epidemic. By cutting this processed sugar from your diet, the weight will disappear before your very eyes.

Paired with a healthy, balanced diet, have the odd shake when the cravings kick in, and you should be on your way to success.

Some customers may choose to replace a meal with these shakes, as they are only 160 calories each. This would, naturally, lead to weight loss, if everything you consumed that day led to a calorie deficit.

The idea is, that by packing the shakes with nutrients and protein, your body won’t feel hungry anymore, and you won’t even want to snack. These nutrients will also provide you with the energy to get you through your workouts, and you’ll naturally lose weight this way.

You could even get your whole family involved! Do the kids fancy a sugary snack? Make them a shake—they won’t even know the difference.

Isa 3
Isagenix vs Shakeology (Paleo) 8

What Products Are Used in the Shakeology Weight Loss Program?

Instead of the variety of products Isagenix provides, which are used to replace meals, Shakeology has a number of different shake flavors. These are to be drunk instead of sugary snacks and come in strawberry, chocolate, cafe latte, and vanilla flavors. They also have vegan options too—very up to date!

They contain a number of superfruits and superfoods, like kale, spinach, acai berry, and many more. These are all bundled into numerous proprietary blends, to provide that added nutrition to give you energy and keep you full.


  • Saves you money.
  • Protein rich.
  • Packed with nutrients.
  • Keeps your cravings at bay.
  • Vegan options are available.
  • Tastes great.
  • Gives you the energy to fuel your workouts.
  • Not filled with added sugar.


  • Include proprietary blends, which may contain some products and quantities of ingredients that are unsafe.

Isagenix vs Shakeology: Who’s the Winner?

I think now would be the time to compare the two in terms of ingredients. Let’s break it down.


Isagenix is calorie and portion controlled, which means that each day, you’re told what to eat/drink, and when. This would, naturally, lead to weight loss, as the program takes on a calorie deficit each day.

Although each Shakeology shake contains 160 calories, their ethos isn’t really to replace meals with it. If you did this, sure, you would most likely be consuming too few calories to not lose weight. But, if you were to drink this as a snack, while consuming three calorie-filled meals a day, it’s likely you wouldn’t lose weight.

Who wins on calories? Isagenix.


Let’s compare the Isagenix shakes with Shakeology shakes, as a baseline. With Isagenix, it really depends on what you’re drinking. The protein could range between 18 and 36 grams of protein! This compares to the 16–17 grams of protein in Shakeology, so I guess it’s a no-brainer.

Who wins on protein? Isagenix.


As we all know, sugar is the biggest downfall in any weight loss attempt. Want to know the real deal?

On an Isagenix fast day, you’d be consuming around 38 grams of sugar! However, one Shakeology shake contains around 7 grams of sugar—definitely a lot better. I know who my winner is in this regard.

Who wins on sugar? Shakeology.


Compared to Isagenix, Shakeology prides itself on using all natural ingredients to fill you up throughout the day. Isagenix, on the other hand, doesn’t use as many healthy, nutritional blends in its products.

Who wins on nutrition? Shakeology.

The Final Verdict

In the battle of Isagenix vs Shakeology, from what we’ve shown above, it seems that it’s a tie between the two. That said, when I compare both weight loss programs, I have a favorite.

Want to know my raw opinion? I think Shakeology is probably the best weight loss program for the job. I’ll tell you why.

Programs like Isagenix, wherein you fast and drink shakes as a meal replacement, may seem effective and healthy. They often say their research is backed by science to fuel their marketing, but you want to know why they really work? It’s because they provide a portion-controlled diet, in a calorie deficit.

What does this mean? Well, if you were to count the calories consumed during each of the program days, you would see that you’d be consuming below the calories needed to sustain your body weight. This is usually around 1200-1500 calories for women, and around 2000 calories for men, depending on your body, so it’s no surprise you lose weight this way.

If you were to replicate this, eating low calories meals, instead of shakes, using healthy, whole foods, like vegetables and beans—weight would fall off just as easily. This is a much more realistic and healthy way to lose weight—you’re not snacking on sugary foods and drinking liquids all day. Instead, you’d be eating proper meals.

In the long run, this would be a much healthier way to lose weight. In all honesty, these weight loss programs are not easy to keep up—the liquid products will keep you hungry, so the temptation to snack throughout the day is more likely.

This is where Shakeology would come in. Alongside a healthy, low-calorie diet, these shakes might help you to avoid accidentally succumbing to the temptation of snacking! This makes for a much more effective long-term solution to losing weight, not just a fad diet that you’d scrap after a week.

So, for this Isagenix vs Shakeology comparison, I declare Shakeology to be the winner.


Johnny Gallagher

Johnny Gallagher is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

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