I don’t know about you, but I get super achy after the gym. This is because muscles often get damaged and, although our bodies are pretty amazing, they sometimes need help to repair themselves.

There hasn’t always been a great selection of BCAA supplements specifically for women. But times have changed and the perfect blend for you might be just around the corner.

If you want to discover more about BCAAs, I’ll help you decide what the best BCAA supplement for you is. Why not take a look?


Quick Product Roundup

What is a BCAA Supplement?

BCAA is an acronym of branched-chain amino acids. These include leucine, isoleucine, and valine, and can often come in a powder or pill blend to fuel your workout needs. But why are they necessary?

Well, repairing your muscles after working out is super important. Your body is pretty good at doing this itself, but sometimes it needs the added push to get that protein synthesis going, and this is where the BCAAs come in.

Protein synthesis—sounds pretty complicated, right? Well, it is, to be honest, but I’ll simplify it for you. It’s when your body takes in the protein that you consume and breaks it up into its primary building blocks—these being amino acid chains.

These amino acids are then pieced back together again, to form the proteins your body needs the most. Still don’t get it? This video should clear it up for you:

After working out, your body will need proteins to grow and repair your muscles. This is where the best BCAA supplements, designed specifically for women, will come in handy.

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What to Look for in the Best BCAA for Women

That’s the science bit over with. Now onto the nitty-gritty—here’s what you should look for in the best BCAA for women.

2:1:1 Ratio

What does this mean? Well, the three BCAAs that work best are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. By introducing these into BCAA supplements in this ratio, scientists have shown that this is the most effective way for protein synthesis to take hold.

Pills vs Powder

This is a classic debate, but it’s a pretty simple one to answer. Yes—supplement pills are transportable and easy to consume, which make them a busy person’s best friend. That said, we want something that’s fast-acting, versatile, and packed with nutrients.

This is where powders come in, as they absorb into the bloodstream fast, and can be consumed in smoothies, shakes, and on food. They also contain much more nutrition than pills, as they aren’t restricted in terms of space.

The best BCAA for women will ideally be something that you might like to mix with another supplement blend—powders make this easy work!


This may seem superfluous, but the flavor really does make all the difference. I personally can’t stomach an awful-tasting powder, so I wouldn’t expect the best BCAA for women to be devoid of a flavor choice. Flavor is actually very important—we all want to enjoy what we’re drinking, even if it is while we’re working out.

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The Five Best BCAA Supplements for Women

Now that we’ve made the choice between powders and pills for the best BCAA for women, let’s see which ones I found (with a little help from a friend).

Our Overview

Want to tone up your body, while losing weight, ensuring you remain healthy and strong? Then Amino Slim might be the BCAA for you.

This vegan blend of 2:1:1 leucine, isoleucine, and valine, alongside the addition of glutamine, gives you an all-natural boost to your day. It’s designed to maintain muscle mass, while reducing fat levels, so you can be the leanest version of yourself.

By also improving your mood, your stress levels will reduce. This inherently leads to an improved metabolism—your body can’t function healthily when it’s stressed. And why is this beneficial? Well, the reason is that your metabolism is key for losing weight.

Without the usual caffeine that you’d see in some other workout supplements, your energy levels may not be as sky-high as you’d expect. That said, this makes it the best BCAA for women to take for an evening workout—it won’t keep you buzzing throughout the night.

Want to know the real kicker? The addition of saffron extract means that your appetite is actually suppressed! This is a great way to reap the maximum benefits of this weight loss supplement.

  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Suppresses your appetite.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Boosts mood.
  • 2:1:1 ratio, alongside more great, all-natural ingredients.
  • Caffeine free, so great for evening workouts.
  • Without caffeine, we wonder whether energy levels would be sustained.
  • No choice of flavors.
Our Overview

GMP and FDA approved, the FitGirl RecovHer women’s BCAA supplement has everything to ensure that you know this is ideal for women. It’s in the name, really!

So, what does it do? Like all of the best BCAAs for women, this supplement improves your recovery time, so you can burn fat while keeping your muscles lean and strong.

What makes it special? Well, the unique pH balance of electrolytes helps keep your body hydrated. I also love the addition of betaine anhydrous, as this is a great booster of exercise performance.

It seems that this is FitGirl’s selling point—hoping to ensure you exercise to the best of your ability. This is pretty wise, considering exercise is the best way to lose weight.

  • 2:1:1 ratio.
  • Has a choice of three flavors.
  • Keeps your hydration levels up.
  • Has some nice ingredient additions for exercise performance.
  • No specific matrix for weight loss.
  • Doesn’t contain any energy boosters.
Our Overview

The Supreme Alpha Pro is a little different to the usual—it’s specifically designed to be taken post workout. This makes sense, especially as the protein synthesis, assisted by BCAAs, helps to repair muscles after damage.

The 2:1:1 BCAA ratio makes for a scientifically-proven formula that works to repair muscles effectively. The addition of glutamine also keeps your intestines running smoothly, so your body functions remain positive.

The aim is to take this supplement immediately after your workout—the quicker, the better. This will not only help to rebuild those muscles but also rehydrate you, so you can continue your healthy streak.

Supreme prides itself on the use of non-proprietary blends—these are often something I like to steer clear of. Why? Well, you just can’t be sure exactly what ingredients you’re consuming, and whether they’ll be safe or effective.

  • 2:1:1 ratio.
  • Has glutamine in the mix.
  • No proprietary blends.
  • Repairs muscle effectively.
  • Rehydrates you.
  • Doesn’t give energy in the gym, so may have to take another supplement pre-workout.
  • Not focused entirely on BCAAs.
  • Includes carbs, so not great for anyone trying to lose weight.
  • No flavor choice.
Our Overview

NLA prides itself on making a mark in the women’s supplement world. These days, working out and gaining muscle is becoming a lot more popular for women. That’s why women need a middle-ground supplement, which is not too weak, but not too strong.

With some strange-sounding, but great-tasting flavors, this product will provide everything that the usual BCAA supplement products provide. That said, you want to know what I like most about this one?

NLA “branches” out from the usual chains of amino acids, and gives you something different. Not only does this supplement have the usual 2:1:1 ratio we’ve discussed before, but there’s also a number of other great ingredients.

These include beta-alanine, which improves your energy and exercise performance, citrulline to help your muscles to relax so they can work better, and taurine, for a generally healthy lifestyle.

So, not only will you maintain muscle mass, and stay lean, your body’s inner workings will keep ticking away, the way they should.

  • Some tasty flavor options.
  • Contains nutrients to improve your general health and well-being.
  • Energy and exercise performance enhancing.
  • Maintains muscle mass.
  • Keeps you lean.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Aims to support women’s bodies.
  • Unquantified BCAA ratio.
Our Overview

The FitMiss women’s BCAA powder is a little different to most on the market. This 3:1:2 formula claims to provide the optimum amount of proteins that your body needs. This seems strange, considering the popularity of the 2:1:1 formula.

That said, the product is certified by Informed Choice, making it clear that the ingredients used are safe for consumption. Moreover, the results speak for themselves, and customers seem to love it.

The product really does aid muscle recovery and reduces the risk of aches and pains after working out. This can often be a challenge we all face, especially as we get older, so FitMiss really supports your body.

  • Supported by Informed Choice.
  • Zero calories.
  • Zero sugar.
  • Supports protein synthesis to aid muscle repair.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Safe for consumption.
  • Not a 2:1:1 ratio.
  • No additional ingredients.


My Choice

I’m just a man, so I’ve personally not tried any of these myself. That said, a friend of mine vouches for Amino Slim to do the trick and it is her choice as the best BCAA for women.

This product is particularly special as not only does it synthesize those proteins—as a BCAA supplement should—but it has a number of other benefits. These include additional nutrients, to ensure your body remains healthy.

It also includes the use of appetite suppression, so you can get the best from your workout goals. Also, without the surge of energy that we’d usually expect from a gym supplement, this one keeps you relaxed and stress-free.

Yes, it boosts your mood, so you stay positive in the gym, but it doesn’t give you jitters or too much energy during the night. This makes for a great, all-day-long supplement, which can even be taken before bed.

So, if you’re a woman who’s looking to lose weight, maintain muscle mass, and exercise any time of day, I would suggest that this is the best choice for you.



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